DIY: Embroidered Valentine Cards

Time for another DIY project! Since it is almost Valentines Day, how about some embroidered Valentine’s?

So cute and simple! They’re a nice little handmade touch.

Here is what you need:

1. Cardboard (for this one I used a piece from a cardboard box, you could also use cereal or cracker boxes)
2. Exacto Knife (to cut the cardboard)
3. Scissors
4. Floss, or yarn
5. Needle
6. Pencil

So let’s get started…
The first thing you do is cut out your piece of cardboard, and then draw on whatever your design is.

Take your needle, and punch holes in all of the points you are going to start threading.

 Once all of your holes are punched, you erase your pencil lines.

 When “embroidering” your card, you need to do a backstitch.

Here is one on a cereal box that I made for Bryan’s birthday:


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