I started embroidering in 2010 after my boyfriend and I decided we were going to do handmade gifts for the holiday season, then in 2011 my shop was officially born. Before this I had always been drawn to old crewel and embroidered pieces I saw while thrifting, and always thought I wanted to try it. Once I finally gave it a go there was no looking back. My favorite part of embroidery is the different textures you are able to achieve, and the wide range of content you can actually embroider. Taking a very old art form and putting a new twist on it is really exciting to me. Five years later, and still all I ever want to do is embroider.

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11 responses to “About/Contact

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  2. I just stumbled on your rockin space here – what fun!

  3. Mark Sherrod

    Hello Liesi,
    I was told on

    That you know how to make these really cool pictures. Me and my girlfriend are fighting long distance right now, and this our third year of doing so. It is getting really tough right now and I’m looking for the perfect gift to keep us together. I think your idea would blow her socks off! What is the price of something like this? And what would I have to do?

    Mark Sherrod

  4. Meredith

    I just stumbled across your site as I was searching for cool crewel blogs. And then I noticed you’re from GR! Awesome.

  5. Tony Campos

    I really liked your photo review of 2013! And your mermaid pick. 2014 is gonna be like so rad. LOL (lots of love)

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