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All Seeing Eye Embroidered Necklace

Hi! I’ve been awful at updating (it’s been 9 months, awful is an understatement). I’m still embroidering, though! Instagram (follow me @toocrewel) makes it easy to not update, because I can post what I’m working on as it is happening. I remember when blogging was the main wait for me to show my work, and I miss it! So, here I am. Today I’m sharing with you a little embroidered necklace I recently made!


This little guy is probably one of my favorite necklaces I’ve made to date. The embroidery hoop itself is made by Dandelyne (Sonia has created such a community with her little hoops, seriously check her out!).


I did the embroidery on a medium weight white linen, and used mustard yellow, black, a silvery purple, and gold embroidery floss.


I have this necklaces listed in my shop, and since I updated last my necklaces are actually cheaper! They are now available for $15 +shipping.


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Orange, Yellow, and Gold Embroidered Necklace

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This mini embroidery hoop necklace is very similar to the purple and gold one I shared last week.

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For this one I used burnt orange, mustard yellow, a sorbet style orange, and gold.

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I think it has a 70’s feel, it kind of reminds me of shag carpet. You can see more of this piece in the shop!


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Purple and Gold Mini Hoop Embroidered Necklace


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Recently I ordered a new set of mini hoops from Dandelyne, this time I got some horizontal ovals, and they were really fun to work with.

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For this one I used four different shades of purplse and maroons, and also a little be of gold embroidery floss.

To make this I just outlined the shape of the hoop with a water soluble pen, and then I just started randomly filling it in.
I am very much in love with these colors, and I want everything in them now. This necklace is up for sale in the shop.

Stay tuned for more this week!
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Diamond Shaped Embroidered Necklace



Awhile back I ordered a few empty bezel sets to make some new jewelry pieces, one of which being this diamond shaped bezel. When I first made it I fully intended to sell it in my shop, however I honestly liked it too much to sell. Now you can spot me wearing this necklace around.

DSCN3770DSCN3804 DSCN3763
I used grey linen as the fabric for the base, and mint, light pink, copper, and purple as the floss for the embroidery.

One of my favorite things about embroidery is that there are so many different mediums you can use it with. Wearable items are absolutely my favorite thing to embroider on right now.


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DIY: Embroidered Necklace

A few weeks ago I was trying to decide what other feather pieces I could make, because I really liked the way the original ones turned out. I decided on a necklace…

What you need to make one:

  1. Fabric (I used linen)
  2. Floss
  3. Felt
  4. Chain
  5. Jump Ring (I forgot to put mine in, so that step will be missing)
  6. Scissors
  7. Needle

Step One:
Sketch out whatever it is you chose to embroider on your fabric. You can do it as simple, or as detailed as you would like.

Step Two:  Embroider your design!

Step Three:
 Cut out your embroidered piece leaving a little extra space, and then pin it to your piece of felt. The felt will act as the backing for your piece, leather would be nice to use…but I didn’t have any.

Step four:
 Sew your two pieces together, and trim off the extra fabric. I sewed them together using a simple backstitch.

Step Five:
 Poke a hole where you what the chain to go through, and string your chain through it. (If you were to use a jump ring you would insert it into your hole you punched, and then string the chain through that)

Pretty quick, easy, and cute! If you make one be sure to share!



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