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Ouija Board Embroidery


Last year I did an embroidery of a Ouija board, and this year I did a second one, but with a little bit more of a Halloween feel to it.


I did this embroidery on white linen, and splattered it with red paint. The hoop is wooden, but I hand painted it black.


This embroidery has sold, but you can expect to see more like it.


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Witch Hat Embroidery

I have another Halloween embroidery to share today! This one is a witch hat with the phrase “witch life.”


This little embroidery is done in a 4″ hoop, and is done on white medium weight linen (my favorite fabric to embroider on).


I used black, purple, and a deep pink embroidery floss.

Check out more info on the piece & photos in the shop where it is for sale.



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All Seeing Eye Embroidered Necklace

Hi! I’ve been awful at updating (it’s been 9 months, awful is an understatement). I’m still embroidering, though! Instagram (follow me @toocrewel) makes it easy to not update, because I can post what I’m working on as it is happening. I remember when blogging was the main wait for me to show my work, and I miss it! So, here I am. Today I’m sharing with you a little embroidered necklace I recently made!


This little guy is probably one of my favorite necklaces I’ve made to date. The embroidery hoop itself is made by Dandelyne (Sonia has created such a community with her little hoops, seriously check her out!).


I did the embroidery on a medium weight white linen, and used mustard yellow, black, a silvery purple, and gold embroidery floss.


I have this necklaces listed in my shop, and since I updated last my necklaces are actually cheaper! They are now available for $15 +shipping.


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Feather Embroidery



I’ve been embroidered different sizes and color variations of these feathers for a couple years now. I keep going back to them because they are fun to embroidery, and it’s a fun way to play with color combinations.


This piece is in a 3″ wooden embroidery hoop, on a rust colored linen. The feathers are done using light blue, teal, mustard, and brown.


You can see more photos of this piece in the shop, where it is for sale.


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