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Crystal Ball Emoji Embroideries (Necklace and Wall Decor)

One of my favorite emoji’s is the crystal ball. Naturally I decided to do an embroidery of it!


It is done in a 6″ wooden embroidery hoop painted white. It is on black cotton using two different purples, gold, and silver embroidery floss.


I liked this one so much I also made a necklace out of it!


It is done in a 1.5″ wooden embroidery hoop.


Both of these are available in the shop for sale.


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Ouija Board Embroidery


Last year I did an embroidery of a Ouija board, and this year I did a second one, but with a little bit more of a Halloween feel to it.


I did this embroidery on white linen, and splattered it with red paint. The hoop is wooden, but I hand painted it black.


This embroidery has sold, but you can expect to see more like it.


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Witch Hat Embroidery

I have another Halloween embroidery to share today! This one is a witch hat with the phrase “witch life.”


This little embroidery is done in a 4″ hoop, and is done on white medium weight linen (my favorite fabric to embroider on).


I used black, purple, and a deep pink embroidery floss.

Check out more info on the piece & photos in the shop where it is for sale.



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Halloween Icons Embroidery



I think it might be kind of obvious at this point, but Halloween is my favorite holiday, and fall is my favorite time of year. This year I made a few Halloween embroideries, and this icon one is my favorite:


I think it makes a pretty good Halloween decoration, or if you are me, a decoration for year round.


What’s your favorite part of Halloween? Mine is dressing up, and the decorations.

This embroidery is listed in the shop for sale, and you can see more info on in there!


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Bat in Embroidery Hoop

I have another Halloween decoration to share with you guys today! This piece is done similar to the Jack-O-Lantern’s I shared with you earlier in the week.

DSCN4901 DSCN4896
This is done in a 4″ wooden embroidery hoop, painted white. The orange is fleece, and the bat is done in felt and hand sewn onto the fleece.

This could be a Halloween decoration, but also be displayed year round for those who like the spookier side of things. You can check out more of this piece in the shop.


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Jack-O-Lantern in Embroidery Hoops

Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 9.34.23 PM

Happy October, everyone! October is my favorite month of the year. Here in Michigan it is the perfect month, the weather is perfect for a pair of boots and a light jacket (my favorite), the leaves are beautiful, apple picking, pumpkin patches…the list really could go on.

I figured I would bring in the month with a few October and Halloween themed decorations.

These two jack-o-lanterns (done 6″ and 4″ big) hang in a wooden embroidery hoop, which was painted jet black. The orange is fleece (it’s actually left over from when I made my Halloween costume last year!), and the black is out of felt.

DSCN4890 DSCN4891
You can check out more of these in the shop (where they are up for sale!) here and here.

Happy pumpkin carving, everyone!


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Happy Halloween Sale!

Happy Halloween everyone! In honor of my favorite holiday I’m offering 31% off in my shop from now until the end of the week (November 3rd).

In order to get the discount enter the code: HAPPYHALLOWEEN in at check out. There are a couple new pieces up, too!

What are you guys being for Halloween?


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Costume Party Take Two

This weekend I had my second round of Halloween Parties to attend. I threw together a really cute costume on Saturday evening before heading out! I made a fox costume, Bryan said like I looked like the Pokemon fox, and others said I looked like the fox from Sonic.

 The mask I made out of felt, and elastic. The dress I made out of fleece, and the white “fur” is felt. I was working on a budget, and all of this cost me under $20.00!
I also had orange gloves I turned into paws, but forgot to wear those for the photos.
Since I made the dress out of fleece it was so comfy, and I didn’t have to worry about hems, which made it so easy to make! It is just two stitches up top, and one stitch on each side.
Bryan and I’s roommate, Lauren, was a babushka (a nesting doll). It was so cute.
Bryan was the Devil Robot from Futurama. His mask was pretty awesome, it’s hard to tell what it really looks like in this photo, but it has big ole teeth underneath there, too.

Did you guys do any halloweenie stuff this weekend?


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Costume Party and Pumpkin Carving

Happy Monday! It came too quickly if you ask me. I had my first costume party of the season this weekend, stopped by one of my best lady friend’s baby shower, and stayed at Bryan’s brother and sister-in-law’s house for a pumpkin carving contest to celebrate his dad’s birthday. It was a fun and festive weekend!

 This is the creepiest I have ever looked. I’m Marceline from Adventure Time!
On the left we have Bryan and I’s roomie, Lauren, as Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation, and Bryan is Rick Devos. Rick Devos is apart of the Devos family from Michigan, and the creater of Art Prize. Bryan threw money at people all night- he nailed it.
Marceline and Princess Bubblegum!…and you guys! I made the Princess Bubblegum dress! It is by no means perfect, but it is the first dress I’ve ever made, so I’m pretty pumped about it.
Somehow Carrie didn’t went the best costume award, but she totally should have. She nailed it!

Check out the pumpkins we carved too!

I hope everyone else had a fun and festive weekend!


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Alexa Meade Art: 30 Days; Day 17

Day 17 simply states:
A piece of art.

Alexa Meade  is fantastic. Her style is so original.

“Rather than creating representational paintings on a flat canvas, Alexa Meade creates her representational paintings directly on top of the physical subjects that she is referencing. When photographed, the representational painting and the subject being referenced appear to be one and the same as the 3D space of her painted scenes becomes optically compressed into a 2D plane.”
(found here) 

Isn’t it the coolest thing ever?!

Oh & I got to wear my Halloween costume Friday night!

Betty Draper, Pixilated, and an Owl!

Then yesterday I sewed this pocket onto my thrifted sweater!


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