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Abstract Necklace in Mini Hoop



Lately I’ve been really getting into doing mini embroideries, and Sonia over at Dandelyne on Etsy makes the perfect little hoops for these! I’m obsessed.

For this piece I wanted to do something abstract, where I could focus mostly on the color and texture. Texture is my favorite part of embroidery and crewel.



Initially I was going to do an ombre effect in the hoop, but then it just kind of morphed into this. But I love it. You can read more about this piece in the shop, where it is for sale.



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Embroidered Brooch


This last piece I made (so far!) using my little hoops for The Creative Muster. This one is a 2″ hoop turned into a brooch. I decided to keep it a little abstract. I think it will go well on some winter coats to add a little color to what is otherwise a pretty colorless season.


This one is done on rust colored fabric using mustard yellow, lime green, and blue embroidery floss. I made this one as a part of a gift, hopefully they like it!


I just re-ordered a second round of these mini hoops, what would you guys like to see embroidered in them next? Remember- it can only be about an inch big!

Remember to check back tomorrow for the giveaway!


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Geometric Embroidery on Bleached Fabric


Recently I finished a piece that is a bit different than anything I have done before. I still have some left over fabric from when I went on a bleaching frenzy, and I chose to embroider something more abstract to go with the abstract pattern the bleach made.

DSCN3754 DSCN3752
At first I was going to fill in all of the orange circle with the yellow seed stitch, however I didn’t want to cover too much of the fabric so I kept it to the stripe down the middle.

DSCN3761 DSCN3758
It’s a pretty summery looking piece, I’d say. If I had a sun room this would absolutely be where I would hang it!


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