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DIY: Peter Pan Collar

I had been wanting to make a Peter Pan Collar for what seems like ever now, and this week I finally gave it a go.

This time around was mostly good for a learning experience. The next one I make needs to be less bulky (and will include a tutorial!). I’m going to make it thinner so it doesn’t go so close to my neck, and will probably end up giving it a double layer. I’ll probably use a smaller button, too. I just got that one from my roommate though and really like it, so I wanted to use it somehow. In my defense, though, I made this one in probably all of ten minutes with no planning.

It’ll do until I get around making a replacement, though!


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Embroidered Wooden Earrings #2

A couple of months ago I made a pair of embroidered wooden earrings, and I recently just finished my second pair.

I ended up liking these ones a little better than the last ones, they are a bit bigger, and with my short hair I prefer bigger earrings.

I’m still trying to figure out what I can do on the back to hide the exposed floss. I thought about gluing a piece of felt, but I worry it may be too bulky. What do you guys think?



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DIY: Embroidered Ring

I have another piece of embroidered jewelry to share today, and this time it is a ring! I haven’t made any rings yet, so I’m pretty stoked about it.

 This was so easy to make. Earlier this year I made a tutorial on how to make embroidered necklaces, however this ring takes out half of the steps. I embroidered on felt versus fabric, and because of this I was able to eliminate the use of cardboard. Normally the fabric isn’t thick enough to just glue right onto the bezel, however with felt that is not an issue. So if you are interested in making one, you can follow these steps making the said adjustments.

  You can pick up the empty bezels (both ring and pendants) at any craft store, I think I got these ones at either Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. Hobby Lobby is always a bit cheaper though!


Now hopefully I can remember to take it off when I wash my hands…


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Sloth Brooch

For those of you who don’t know, I pretty much love sloths. They’re by far my favorite animal. A few months back Bryan made a sloth stamp, and last night I decided to put it to use. I made a few different sloth brooches, I think they turned out pretty awesome… but I’m biased because of the whole sloth thing.
So some of them the print is hard to make out in the photo…it is a sloth with it’s limbs wrapped around a tree.

 I used fabric paint for the stamp, and printed on just plain cotton fabrics. I then sewed it to a larger piece of felt, and then sewed that to a larger piece of felt.

  (this one is my favorite…the print turned out the best, the purple fabric definitely took the paint better than the red)

Now what to do with all of these little sloths?!


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DIY: Crayon Necklace

 Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of “spear” necklaces around, and I think they are pretty much the cutest. I’m in love with this one I found on Pinterest:
Isn’t it beautiful? I decided to make something inspired by it. I recently bought a new box of Crayon’s to use on my embroidery, and thought they would work perfectly for this project, as well. I decided to use white, pink, and teal.
I used a potato peeler to make the crayons look a little more rough, and a warm needle to puncture the holes. I utilized a piece of silver wire I had to “string” them, and then attached it to an old chain I had lying around.

  I really like the way it turned out, but it is somewhat fragile. I need to hit up Hobby Lobby and get something a little more sound to replace the piece of silver I used. Who would of thought there are so many uses for crayons?


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