Hakuna Matata Embroidery (Take Two)

A little over a year ago now I made a hakuna matata embroidery for my dad. Without getting redundant, this phrase has always meant a lot to me because of my dad. So, I made another hakuna matata piece, however this one is up for sale.

Earlier this year I started using the website Consumer Crafts for my supplies when I started my boycott of Hobby Lobby. One of my favorite things about this website (aside from the cheap prices) is that you can buy oval hoops in bulk! Around me it is very difficult to find these in stores.

I did this piece in one of those oval hoops, and painted it white so it would blend in with the fabric a little bit. I used 3 strands of maroon floss, and 6 strands of green floss for the letters.


You can see more of this piece in the shop!


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Filed under Embroidery, Etsy, Fabric

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