Go Away Embroidery


A few weeks ago I shared a few snarky comment embroideries, and I have one more to share with you! This one simply states “Go Away.” The embroidery is on two layered pieces of fabric. The bottom layer is a vintage mint green fabric that is sheer and floral print. The top layer is a recycled white lace.

IMG_3320 IMG_3326

This was my first time embroidering on lace. The embroidering itself was really easy, because their wasn’t much fabric to go through. I wasn’t able to transfer a design onto the fabric though, so I had to do it free hand. Going at it free hand was definetley fun!

IMG_3335I have more lace that I’m planning to embroider on, and I think I’m going to try a water soluble pen on it to see how that works for putting my design onto it.


Below is the backside of the piece, where to you can see the green fabric used a little bit better.


You can read more about this piece in the shop where it is up for sale.


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