Moon Phases Embroidery

A couple of weeks ago after the new moon I felt inspired to make a phases of the moon embroidery. Once I finished I decided that it would absolutely not be the last one that I do. Next time it might just be smaller, this one is in a 8 inch hoop, and it takes forever to do satin stitch (the fill).

IMG_3310 IMG_3301

This one didn’t turn out quite as good as I would have hoped… because circles are hard. I’m trying not to focus on that though, because over my few years of embroidering I’ve learned that imperfections are okay and natural. They play into the charm of handmade. I’m also finally coming to terms with the fact that it is unhealthy to compare yourself to others in whatever it is that you do. Everyone has a different take on things, and that’s what makes things interesting and beautiful.

Everyone enjoy the upcoming new moon!


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