Child Drawings Embroidered (Round Two)

I finished up a couple more child drawing embroideries…this time around they were ones I did for my mom. I embroidered two poems my little sister wrote when she was younger. They’re pretty cute poems if I do say so myself!

IMG_2516This one says:
“There was a girl who liked to dance.
She always wore long pants.
She said eeerrrkk
and then did the jerk
Because the pants were filled with ants.” 

IMG_2511 IMG_2513

IMG_2505This poem says:
“I like who I am. I like what I do. I make things happy and so do you. We make good freids. We don’t like bad freids.”

Kids come up with the cutest sayings and ideas, so it’s so fun to be able to embroider them. This was especially fun to do since they were my sister’s poems.



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2 responses to “Child Drawings Embroidered (Round Two)

  1. What a fantastic idea! They are great! Are those your sister’s handwriting and you embroidered on it?…

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