Anatomical Embroidered Heart Patch



When I was embroidering this heart patch I wasn’t even thinking that Valentines Day was just around the corner. How’s that for timing?

Some of my favorite pieces to embroider are anatomical ones. I’m not really sure what it is, but I think there is something interesting about the different parts, shapes, and lines that make up a human body. I had been wanting to do an anatomical heart for a long time, and I had this red ombre floss that I thought would be perfect for it.

Screen shot 2014-01-26 at 11.36.31 AM
I did a back layer on this to make it so it wasn’t so flimsy, and hand stitched all the way around to make it so it wouldn’t fray once it get sewed onto whatever it is that it will end up on.

IMG_2402 IMG_2400
It’s become a tradition in the past couple of years for me to buy Bryan patches for his winter jacket for Christmas, but for some reason I never really thought to make some myself. Now that I did- I’m hooked.

This heart patch is up for sale in the shop!


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