The Simpsons Embroidery


Over the holiday season I went to a white elephant exchange party, and the day of I still didn’t have a gift to bring. In a scramble my friend Lauren and I decided to go in on a gift together.

We came up with this:
Homer Simpson and his two favorite things: beer and donuts. We split it up and Lauren did the beer can hoop and I did the homer hoop.

IMG_1918After we outlined our designs onto the fabric we colored it in with crayons. We didn’t have time to fill it all in with embroidery floss- so this is a quick and easy way to fill in large spaces.

We were both pretty happy with the turnout, and now all I can think is I need to make some more Simpson pieces.



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5 responses to “The Simpsons Embroidery

  1. eadouglas

    D’oh! I’ve never thought of colouring cloth with crayons before. Were they a specific brand?

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  3. Looks very effective! Clever idea.

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