Embroidered People: My niece and nephew

Earlier this year my sister and brother-in-law had the cutest set of twins to ever exist. I wanted to try and embroider the two of them in a way I haven’t embroidered people before. Normally I do people in a more abstract and caricature type of way, and I thought this would be difficult to do for a baby. So, I did one of my first realistic style embroideries. In all honesty, it doesn’t completely capture their likeness, but I think that is kind of difficult to capture with babies. 

IMG_1744 IMG_1746 This little guy is Willem. 

IMG_1745 IMG_1743 And this little one is Hannah. 

IMG_1749 hannahwillem I just stuck with a black outline to keep it simple, I thought if I tried to do too much it would start to look kind of goofy. It was pretty fun to do though, I mean, I did get to look at their cute faces for hours! 



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  1. Rachael Miller

    I love it!

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