It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Embroidery (Night Man)

I think at this point it is no secret that I’m a fan of embroidering any sort of pop culture reference. One of my favorite shows (with one of the funniest casts!), It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, returns in September for the 9th season, so naturally I had to give them a nod. The embroidery focus on my favorite character, Charlie, and his song Night Man.

Charlie is pretty much illiterate, and he wrote out the lyrics as follows:
Screen shot 2013-08-18 at 6.03.17 PM
I embroidered pretty much the exact illustration:
DSCN4775I did it on grey linen fabric, and bleached out the middle to make it a little bit lighter in color.

DSCN4773 DSCN4778 All of the outline is done in black embroidery floss using a back stitch, and the rest is done with a fill stitch givin’ it some texture.

DSCN4777 DSCN4776

So, who is your favorite character from It’s Always Sunny?

ps. This piece is for sale! It may be the perfect finishing touch your It’s Always Sunny premier party.
pps. Don’t forget to enter the Shel Silverstein Embroidery giveaway!!


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One response to “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Embroidery (Night Man)

  1. The best embroidery ever! You’re funny. And I wish I knew anyone awesome enough to give this to.

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