Trip to South Manitou Island (Sleeping Bear Dunes)


Okay, I’ve been a really bad blogger lately. Quite honestly I had been feeling pretty uninspired. I was stuck in the same routine, I was stressed, and was starting to feel overwhelmed. Last week though Bryan and I went on vacation to celebrate our four year anniversary, and I came back feeling revived and ideas started flowing again. So starting Monday I will have new pieces to share, but for now take a look at our trip to South Manitou Island (in Leland, MI)!

DSCN4455  We hike 15 miles of the island in the time that we were there. We camped for the three nights on the south side of the island, and hiked north up to where the cemetery is listed on the map below.


DSCN4374 This is the ferry that dropped us off at the island two hours later.


DSCN4390 We made it! Bryan checking the way we needed to go to make it to camp.

DSCN4421  DSCN4424

DSCN4472The second day we checked out the old lighthouse, which was beautiful. The water was so blue, it seemed almost tropical.

DSCN4495 DSCN4473 DSCN4510 We found the smallest toad ever!

DSCN4518Florence Lake was beautiful, and a lot bigger than I had expected. There were hundreds of dragonflies and butterflies flying around everywhere when we got there.  DSCN4523DSC00889Super creepy.

DSCN4527 One of the four shipwrecks on the island!

DSCN4537The hard life of terrible vision.  DSCN4563  DSCN4550 DSCN4610  One of the old farms.

DSCN4639Lunch at the farm.DSCN4633Snakes were all over the farm!

DSCN4614 DSCN4677Bryan made us some bracelets, the fell apart shortly there after. DSCN4670 We made dinner on the beach the last night!

Bryan shot a bunch of panoramas, these are my favorites:
DSC00908  Ferry on the way home.


DSC00884One of the old farms.


It was so beautiful, and really just what we needed. Have a good weekend, and get ready for new pieces to come Monday!


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  1. My man and I just went away for a 4 year anniversary trip too! (Though we didn’t end up going far…we stayed on a houseboat in Amsterdam for a few days) Isn’t it good to have new adventures together? I can’t wait to see what embroidered goodies your new inspiration leads you to create. 🙂

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