Weekend Adventures: Nordhouse Dunes (Again!)

Last summer Bryan and our roommate Lauren and I all took a trip to Nordhouse Dunes. It was our first time there, and we camped at a pretty lame spot. Okay, so it wasn’t SO lame, it was still beautiful but it wasn’t the ‘real’ Nordhouse Dunes, we weren’t anywhere close to the water. This years trip was so fun, and we camped at the perfect spot.

We arrived Friday evening and were able to set up just before the sun set.
DSCN4166Bryan and Lauren, hanging our food. Lauren was really into climbing trees.

 We used Saturday to walk around the dunes, hang out at the beach, and check out everything around us.
Our view from our campsite, our walk to the beach was less than five minutes.


DSCN4186 Hanging out post breakfast.


DSCN4229I had to make our crew take this cheesy photo. From left to right: Russ, Carrie, Me, Bryan, Sam, and Lauren. And Amelia the dog!


After breakfast we walked down to the beach!
DSCN4293Michigan (and Lake Michigan!) are so pretty!

DSCN4274It was overcast and really windy on Saturday, but Bryan still managed to get a seriously wicked sunburn.  DSCN4271

DSCN4266Sam brought an inner tube, smart guy.


After the beach we hiked around looking for fire wood.
DSCN4257 DSCN4254
Then Bryan and I went for a walk across the dunes.

Sam made a swing for us!
DSCN4198DSCN4217Lauren was really swinging on it. Later in the night I sat down on it and almost instantly fell to the ground when it fell apart. Ouch!

Then it was sunset and so beautiful.


DSCN4333  DSCN4358
Then it was Sunday and time to go home.
DSC00795Bryan and Carrie all loaded up!

Once we got in the car all we wanted to do was shower (or swim again!)…and maybe take a nap.

It was so much fun and I can’t wait to get back there again! Hopefully before the end of the summer! Our next weekend trip to look forward to is coming up in a week and a half, we are going to South Manitou Island (at Sleeping Bear Dunes) for four days to camp and celebrate our 4th anniversary. Hooray!


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