What’s New?

I’ve been a busy lady the past few weeks! I’ve managed to (finally) get myself back on track to update my shop, start my newsletter, answer emails, and sketch some ideas for new projects. It’s felt really great and I’m so happy with the direction things have been going in!
I’ve also managed to acquire some crafty treasures over this time, too!
Like these things…


I ordered a custom made stamp so I can have a label on all of my pieces from here on out! I’m really excited about this, as I was having a difficult time try to decide on how to keep my name with my work. This stamp will be put on the backside finishing of all of my pieces moving forward, hooray!

I got this HUGE (23″!!) embroidery hoop (50 cents at a garage sale!). Bryan and I were talking about doing a collaboration piece in it. We were thinking of recreating a photo we took from one of our camping trips, and using hand embroidery, needle felt, paint, and the free form sewing machine foot. I think if we can execute it properly it will turn out really, really awesome. I’m excited to start work on it!

DSCN3926 DSCN3924 My dad and his girlfriend (the king and queen of garage sales) found all of these embroidery hoops for me. Normally at the craft store these go between $1.00-$2.00 or $3.00 each. They snatched all of these up for ONE DOLLAR! One dollar!! I can’t even believe it. So many project ideas!

Screen shot 2013-06-19 at 10.30.50 AM
They also found this sewing machine for me at an estate sale. It is an old Singer, and we are guessing it from the 1920’s. It is beautiful and in such great shape! I can’t wait to try it out and see how it works. It’s seriously heavy (about 200lbs!) so it is still in their garage. As soon as we get it to my house you can be sure I’ll have more to share of this beauty, because I’m beyond ecstatic about it!


My roommate Lauren got me this beautiful succulent plant as a late birthday present. Isn’t it pretty? The best part is that it is seriously easy to care for, so I pretty much can’t kill it.

I also got my hair freshened up! This is round three of the purple hair for me, and each time I love it more and more. The first two times my awesome stylist (and one of my best friends!), Carrie, did an urban ombre with fuchsia at the tips. This time we cut out the fuchsia and just stuck with the two purples because the pink just fades way too fast. Thanks, Carrie!

What’s new with you guys?



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2 responses to “What’s New?

  1. Love the stamp… and the hair! You’d be fun to stitch. 😉

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