Embroidery on a Photo


For awhile now I’ve wanted to embroider on a photo, I just haven’t gotten around to it for some reason. Finally last month I did it!


 This wasn’t my first attempt…my first try was this:

failcollage I went at it without a plan (never a good idea), and then my floss got all knotted up over my skirt, and Bryan’s hat ended up looking like weird surfer hair. So, my second time around I decided to try something simple before I try and do too much. I figure I should probably get used to embroidering on such a different material before anything.


I drew the hearts on with pen, and poked holes in before I started stitching, and then I just played connect the dots. Pretty simple, but I think it turned out pretty cute (in a cheesy, sappy, sort of way)!
Now that I got the hang of it next time around I’m going to try something a little bit more in depth. I’m thinking a landscape photo would be cool, then I can fill in some of the grass and foliage. Stay tuned for my next try!

ps. These photos were both taken by Abbey Moore Photography!



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2 responses to “Embroidery on a Photo

  1. I thought about doing something like this a while ago and never found a photo I wanted to use. Yours is super cute! I think I should go photo-hunting again so I can make my own.

  2. Love these! So fun to see what people are doing with the pictures I take 🙂 xoxo

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