Great Lakes Tea Towel


Michigan pieces are by far some of my favorites to do. I’ve lived in Florida when I was young, Arizona briefly after high school, and have traveled to just under half of the states in the country, but there is just something about Michigan that cannot compete with the rest– the Great Lakes. Our economy may suck and there may be a bunch of shitty-half abandoned-forgotten about towns, but the lakes, sand dunes, and woods are all seriously beautiful. Or maybe I just think it is extra great because it is my home state…okay, I’m a bit biased.

DSCN3559 DSCN3562 I grew up in a beach town known as ‘Coast Guard City USA’ right on Lake Michigan. I spent most of my summers (when I wasn’t traveling out West with my mom!) on my dad’s boat fishing, swimming, and relaxing. When I was a teenager I basically lived at the beach with my friends. It was a pretty great way to grow up. Now when summer rolls around the first thing I want to do is run to the beach and go swimming, regardless of how unbearably cold the water is.

DSCN3565I think the ‘great lakes, great times’ pretty much speaks for itself- but it has always been one of my favorite sayings that Michigan has. DSCN3567

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