Stormtrooper Crewel Embroidered Onesie


A couple of weeks ago I shared some embroidered onesies I made for my sister  for their very soon to be twins along with the promise I would have a new one to share very soon. My brother-in-law is a huge Star Wars fan, so his request was a Stormtrooper.


I decided to use crewel embroidery on it, with just the outline it looked pretty boring and incomplete.

DSCN3481 DSCN3482

It worked in my benefit that the onesies were white that I bought, because then I did not have to worry about embroidering the white parts of the Stormtrooper.

DSCN3479  Isn’t my soon to be nephew, Willem, going to look so freaking cute in this? I can’t wait to see him wearing this, and Hannah wearing some of the other ones I made.

ps. Today is the last day to enter THIS giveaway!


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