Orange Cat Embroidery


Last month I finished one of my favorite pieces I’ve done so far. I’m not really a cat person, or even an animal person (I know I’m weird), but this piece was really fun to do.

cat4It is of an orange Maine Coon, and it hangs in an 8 inch wooden hoop painted purple. Filling in the entire piece seemed intimidating at first–it takes a looong time to do– but the end result is so much better than just outlining it with a single stitch.

cat2 It says the cat’s name, Isabel, underneath it also in purple.

cat3I think my favorite part to do was the “M” on the forehead (that all Maine Coon cats have), and the green eyes.cat1



Filed under Crewel, Embroidery

2 responses to “Orange Cat Embroidery

  1. This is exactly what my Jack looks like; white M and everything! Rock.

    • My boyfriend and I’s roommate has an orange maine coon too, Walter, and he looks just like this, too. They are the cutest breed of cats I’d say!

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