Best Friend Lockets

DIY2A couple of years ago my best friend (since the second grade!) Melissa moved to Texas, and last week she came back for her first visit since moving. It was so nice to see her and it gave me a little boost of energy, sometimes a girl just has to see her best friend.


I knew I wanted to give her something when she came so I went the cheesy route and bought us a pair of best friend lockets from the Etsy shop fancypop .

bflocket3Melissa and I have an inside joke that is a twist off of the internet sideways heart (<3). Neither one of us remember where it came from, or even why- but we still do it to this day. So for the inside of our necklaces I did a mini embroidery of it for the inside. It says ‘<321.’

bflocket2I did the embroidery in teal on a piece of felt. I hot glued it in- it was a really easy way to add a personal touch to it. Giving gifts are nice, but they always mean more when there is extra thought put into it.bflocket4 moandi A photo of Melissa and I where she is rockin’ the necklace.


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One response to “Best Friend Lockets

  1. Ahh!! I love what you did with the lockets! That’s so creative!

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