Printing Instagram Photos with Origrami


Ever since I signed up for Instagram last summer I have been all about it. All the way back to my first days blogging (I’m talking way back to age 15 on LiveJournal) my favorite posts to do and read were always ones that largely consisted of photos. I guess what I’m trying to say is, Instagram is right up my alley.

I’ve been wanting to print photos from my account since I’ve signed up, and recently I finally did. Through the great wonders of Pinterest I found Origrami. There website was the easiest to navigate and load your photos on than any other one I’ve thought about using.  Orgirami is a husband and wife team based out of Australia, but they ship to ANY country for free! You get 36 prints for just under $20.00, and if you share on twitter or facebook you get a dollar off.

origrami2 origrami3 origrami1


 The photo side comes out looking like a polaroid. On the back it has a map of your location if you added it to your photo on instagram, if not you get little illustrations of camera’s or film.

origrami9 origrami8 origrami7  I have so many photos up in Bryan and I’s room as it is, but I really wanted to add some of these photos. I ended up having to put them on our closet doors because there wasn’t much room anywhere else.

origrami6 I also hung these too from mini clothes pins in our studio.

ps. You can follow me on instagram @toocrewel where you will see pieces I’m working on along the way.



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  1. So what are your thoughts on Vine?

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