Cat on a Bike Embroidery


 Why hello, blog, it has been quite some time! Too long, really. I’ve missed updating, chatting with all of you, and sharing new work over the past month or so. I’ve been very busy, though! Since November I have been basically making embroidered portraits non stop (thank you guys for all of the word of mouth, really!), I’ll share some of them with you soon so you can see what’s been keeping me busy.

In the meantime though, I did manage to get this cat riding on a bike done.
ambercat1I made this piece for an art trade I did in exchange for a couple of ceramic teeth beads. She ask for a cat riding a bike, and this is what I came up with. The fabric is white, and I hand dyed it using red tea (the same as I did for the skeleton, hand, and teeth pieces), I did the embroidery all in a solid black. ambercat2 ambercat3This is actually a pretty small piece- only 4 inches. I think the big front wheel gives the illusion that it is bigger than what it actually is. ambercat4 ambercat6



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4 responses to “Cat on a Bike Embroidery

  1. How have I never stumbled across your blog? That is an absolutely adorable design (might be slightly bias as my cat rules the house).


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