Embroidered Skeleton Hand


Happy Thursday, everyone!

The third piece that I have to share on my hand dyed fabric (using tea) is a skeleton hand. This piece is pretty dainty- it is done in a 4″ hoop, using three stands of embroidery floss. Usually floss comes in six strands, but you can peel away strands to make thinner lines. Since this piece was so small, I decided to do three stands for the entire hand.

DSCN2394 DSCN2393Just like the last two pieces I posted this week (the skeleton, and the teeth) the wooden embroidery hoop is painted gold.

DSCN2389 DSCN2388 DSCN2387 This piece is also up for sale in the shop!

I’d like to do more body/anatomy pieces. I was thinking of doing an image of a full eye- from the side. Any thoughts on what else I should do?



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