Costume Party Take Two

This weekend I had my second round of Halloween Parties to attend. I threw together a really cute costume on Saturday evening before heading out! I made a fox costume, Bryan said like I looked like the Pokemon fox, and others said I looked like the fox from Sonic.

 The mask I made out of felt, and elastic. The dress I made out of fleece, and the white “fur” is felt. I was working on a budget, and all of this cost me under $20.00!
I also had orange gloves I turned into paws, but forgot to wear those for the photos.
Since I made the dress out of fleece it was so comfy, and I didn’t have to worry about hems, which made it so easy to make! It is just two stitches up top, and one stitch on each side.
Bryan and I’s roommate, Lauren, was a babushka (a nesting doll). It was so cute.
Bryan was the Devil Robot from Futurama. His mask was pretty awesome, it’s hard to tell what it really looks like in this photo, but it has big ole teeth underneath there, too.

Did you guys do any halloweenie stuff this weekend?


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