Costume Party and Pumpkin Carving

Happy Monday! It came too quickly if you ask me. I had my first costume party of the season this weekend, stopped by one of my best lady friend’s baby shower, and stayed at Bryan’s brother and sister-in-law’s house for a pumpkin carving contest to celebrate his dad’s birthday. It was a fun and festive weekend!

 This is the creepiest I have ever looked. I’m Marceline from Adventure Time!
On the left we have Bryan and I’s roomie, Lauren, as Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation, and Bryan is Rick Devos. Rick Devos is apart of the Devos family from Michigan, and the creater of Art Prize. Bryan threw money at people all night- he nailed it.
Marceline and Princess Bubblegum!…and you guys! I made the Princess Bubblegum dress! It is by no means perfect, but it is the first dress I’ve ever made, so I’m pretty pumped about it.
Somehow Carrie didn’t went the best costume award, but she totally should have. She nailed it!

Check out the pumpkins we carved too!

I hope everyone else had a fun and festive weekend!


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