DIY: Push Pin Bracelet

Today I have a tutorial for you that will be really useful to all of you sewers out there…a push pin bracelet! For a couple of years I’ve been using the same one. It is tiny, and uncomfortable. The band was made of plastic, dug into my skin, and never stayed on. I finally decided it was time to make a new one!

To get started you will just need to gather up a few supplies:
(if you don’t have elastic around you could always use a ribbon!)

Got your supplies? Now here’s what you need to do:

1. Cut out a circle with your felt for your base, and a slightly smaller circle out of another piece of felt, or fabric.

2. Cut a small flap that is slightly wider than your elastic for the back. I messed up on mine, and forgot to do this until the end. So, mine looks like a hot mess, but if you do yours in the correct order it won’t!

3. Attach the fabric to your felt, leaving enough room to put in your stuffing (about an inch).

4. Add your stuffing, you won’t need too much because the bracelet is pretty small. After it is stuffed you finish sewing the fabric to the felt.

5. Measure the elastic to your wrist to cut the appropriate length. I cut mine the same size as my wrist without any extra, because it is elastic after all. Once it is cut, thread it through your opening on the back.

6. Sew the ends of the flap together.

7. Pull the elastic so the sewed part is hidden behind your flap of felt.

And you’re done! Now you’re ready to sew in style, and comfort.

Happy Sewing and Pinning!

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