Embroidered Goodness: Ren & Stimpy

Last week I started work on a Ren & Stimpy embroidery, and yesterday I finally finished it.  It’s a tiny piece, sitting in a 4 inch hoop. The actual embroidery is probably about 3×3 inches, so needless to say my hands were achin’ by the end from frying to do all those tiny stitches.
I wanted to get Ren’s liver spots on this forehead, but I ran out of room, so he ended up looking a little less grotesque than usual.

   Bryan’s favorite cartoon is Ren & Stimpy, so I made this one for him. I realized as I was embroidering it that aside from birthday or valentines day cards, this is the first embroidery that I’ve made him!

Did you guys finish up any projects this weekend?


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2 responses to “Embroidered Goodness: Ren & Stimpy

  1. it’s amazing! Best piece yet and I’m glad I get to keep it 🙂

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