Embroidered Wedding Gift

Today Bryan and I are taking a mini road trip to Detroit for my cousin Steve’s wedding tomorrow. We are meeting my mom, my step dad Lenn, and my cute little sister Aubrey out there for the weekend, and I’m ecstatic. They live in Arizona, so visits are few and far between (I haven’t seen my little sister in over a year and a half!).

My cousin and his soon to be wife were not registered anywhere, and I honestly do not really know them, so picking out a gift was a little difficult. Ultimately I decided on an embroidery (of course). I kept it pretty simply since I wasn’t sure what their style is.

 I had seen a few pieces like this on Pinterest, and really liked them, so they became my inspiration. It is tree rings, their names, and their wedding date.

See you all Monday and have a wonderful weekend! I know I will.


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