Geometric Embroidered Necklace

Remember how I mentioned getting a few empty bezels in the mail a little while back? So far I had made a brooch with them,  and this past week I added a necklace to the list.
I used blue linen for the fabric, and colors of floss that reminded me of fall. I’m so excited for fall, and all the colors I’ve been using lately definitely show that. (The floss colors are all DMC and numbers 900, 166, 3848, 3852, 563, and 154 going from left to right if you see some you like!)

    I love the chain as much as I love the embroidery aspect. I always have liked longer chains, and this one is no exception, it sits at 30″.

You can check out more photos, and more info on this piece on Etsy, where it is up for sale!



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2 responses to “Geometric Embroidered Necklace

  1. Where did you find this bezel?

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