Embroidered Brooch

Recently I ordered quite a few empty bezel sets to make a brooch, earrings, and a couple of necklaces. The style of bezel is different than the ones I normally use, but different in a better way. The back has two layers, so with one you can wrap the fabric around, and the second is used to hide it all.
My first try was on the brooch, and I really dig it.

 First I traced the shape of the brooch with white color pencil onto the fabric I chose, so I could embroider “in the lines.”

 After I chose the colors I was ready to go. I started with the outline of the design. I did it with a back stitch, and then covered it with an overcast stitch to give it more of a finished look.

 Next I filled the space between the lines with triangles using satin stitch.



Filed under DIY, Embroidery, jewelry

2 responses to “Embroidered Brooch

  1. This turned out great—awesome work!

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