DIY: Embroidered Owl Coin Purse

Recently I went on a little owl kick, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. A couple of weeks ago I shared a DIY of Owl Pins, and today I’m sharing a DIY Owl Coin Purse.

Let’s start, shall we? 

The very first thing I need to do is download the free PDF of this little owl (personal use only!). Once you have that, you’ll need to gather up the rest of your supplies.

The next thing you need to do is is embroider the owl.
I completed the embroidery using backstitch, seed stitch, and the satin stitch.

Once the embroidery is done it is time to get sewing, ready?
First you cut the embroidery out in whatever shape you’d like the coin purse to be.

Next you pin the fabric to a piece of felt, and trim it down to to the size of the owl cut out.

Next you blanket stitch the top of the two pieces together to give it a “clean” finish.

 Cut out a second piece of felt, and blanket stitch the top of it to give it a similar look to the front of the coin purse. You could also do two pieces of felt for the back to make it more sturdy if you’d like.

 Lastly pin all of the layers together and blanket stitch all the way around (besides the opening!).

  Just like that you’re done!


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