Weekend Adventures: Nordhouse Dunes

A couple of weekends ago Bryan, myself, and our roomie Lauren went on a camping trip to Nordhouse Dunes in Manistee, Michigan. It was so beautiful, and such a great place to go to find inspiration for new pieces.
This tree was so pretty.
I’m pretty sure that this mushroom is going to turn into some sort of needle felting project.
This was a lake at one point…now it just looks like a hot spot.

Bryan bought two disposable cameras before we left, he taped them together so we could take two photos at a time of everything. These were some of the results (try not to have a seizure, please):

Where do you go to find inspiration?


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4 responses to “Weekend Adventures: Nordhouse Dunes

  1. Knees of Bees

    Absolutely magical! Your photos convey your trip is such a lovely way. I’d love to visit!

    I live in the Pacific Northwest, so I find inspiration in the amazing forests out here. We have some amazing trees and mushrooms, too, and it’s always so fun to see what you’ll find out in the wilderness.

  2. This is so beautiful! I live in a new state… right now I am loving Tybee Beach and Forsythe Park in Savannah , GA.
    But if dont want to go far, my back porch does the trick.

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