Embroidered Florida Pillow

When I first started Too Crewel I decided I wanted to make a series entitled “Know Your Roots,” where I would embroider the states and their landmarks. I made it as far as Michigan and Florida, then I moved onto something else. A few months ago I turned the Michigan embroidery into a pillow, and this week I did the same with my Florida piece.


I’m pretty sure I gave up on this series because I started these when I first really started embroidering, and it used to take me so long to finish a piece. It takes me about half the time now though, so I’m thinking it is time to start them back up. I just need to order some more linen for them, and pick the next state.
What state would you guys like to see?

ps! You can check out more photos and details of the Florida pillow on Etsy, where it is now up for sale!



Filed under Embroidery, Etsy, Fabric, Know your Roots, Sewing

2 responses to “Embroidered Florida Pillow

  1. Rachael Miller

    Mom wants Arizona!

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