Giveaway Winner & New House Photos

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Our new house is starting to come together now, and I realized I haven’t really shared very much of it. My favorite room in the house is the second living room (i guess that’s what you can call it?), which filled with seating, books, and music. Here is a sneak peek into what it is looking like so far!
This is the room you enter when you come through the front door.
My late grandmother made this very patriotic American Flag blanket.
X-rays from when Lauren very elegantly broke her nose.
This cut out in the wall will be filled with shelves made from vintage suitcases, we just need to find a couple more.
And there it is, my favorite room that I think I have sat in once. Whoops.

We also have a winner in the Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros embroidery giveaway! 
Random Number Generator chose Stela!  Congrats!


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One response to “Giveaway Winner & New House Photos

  1. That blanket your grandma made is amazing!
    I’m so pumped to have won!! YAY! Thanks for having this awesome giveaway!
    (sorry about all my exclamations, I may be a bit excited.)

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