DIY: Embroidery Pins & Free Pattern

 I have a simple and cute DIY project for you guys today!

DIY Pins out of these cute little embroidered owls! These are really simple to make, and you only need a few supplies…

Ready to get started? Once you’re finished with the embroidery just follow these steps!

You’re done!

If you’d like to try making your own with these little guys you can download the pattern below (personal use only, please!). They’d also be cute just hanging in a hoop!
Download Free PDF Pattern 

Be sure to share your results if you make some! It’s my first time sharing a PDF, so I’m looking forward to seeing others results.


ps. Only two more days left to enter this giveaway!


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3 responses to “DIY: Embroidery Pins & Free Pattern

  1. I love those little guys!

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