My Favorite Free Fonts

Happy Monday!

Lately I have been itchin’ to make some new banners and buttons, so this past weekend I went on a font downloading frenzy. I made a list of my favorite additions, and guess what! All of them are free to download for personal use, so go crazy!

 Wanna download any of these? Click on the names below!
Mrs. Strange / Babe / Afro House / Pee Pants Script / Wood / Windsor Hand / Sanchez Mustache / djb Doodle Beans / Handstand / Things We Said / Typo Garden / Coconut Point  / mtf Cupcake  / Mesh Stitch




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2 responses to “My Favorite Free Fonts

  1. The names are half the fun, right? Pee pants?! Sanchez mustache?! Horrible/awesome.

  2. Those are cool! I love all the fonts at Lost Type Co-op. Font Squirrel is another good free font resource.

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