Friday Favorites

I’m so happy it’s Friday. So, so, happy. I have had a crazy busy week. I worked more then normal, finished up a couple projects, submitted sketches for the first embroidery book I’m going to apart of  and published in(i’m so excited about this!!), and of course, school. So today I’m going to keep it simple and do something I haven’t done in what seems like ever…a Friday Favorites post!

 I love this Missouri cross stitch by Little Lovelies. It is so clean!

 I seriously love this dress redo over at Lula Louise! You really have to see what the dress looked like before this redo. I jut discovered her blog this week, and it’s so great! She’s one of my new sponsors- so be sure to check it out!

If I had this letter writing kit I would write so many letters! Or not because I’d want to save them all. Too cute!

This silverware is the best!

I knew we shouldn’t have gotten rid of our National Geographic magazines when we moved!

 I looove this! I’m actually planning on buying some of these shelves (via Urban Outfitters) very soon, but maybe I’ll have to buy more…so neat!

What are your favorite finds this week?
Have a great weekend everyone! Don’t forget the Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros embroidery giveaway is open until Wednesday!



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3 responses to “Friday Favorites

  1. I love cross stitch soo much!!! lol. Kind of my favorite kind of embroidery =p The book shelves in the last photo are A-MAZING. I wish I could make something like that!!

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