“Brave” Embroidery

Hey all! It’s been a week since I posted, I know, I’m awful. Last week I moved, and the internet company has yet to come out to transfer our service. Hopefully they will be there tomorrow that way I can be back for real! It is hard to run a blog and go to school online without the internet…especially during midterms. Not only that, but you never really realize how much Netflix Instant you watch until you don’t have the internet for a few days. Talk about withdrawals. Today, though, I’m stealing the internet for a minute to play a little catch up and share an embroidery with you that I’m very excited about!

Remember my awesome friend Lisa and the illustration she did of Bryan and I for my birthday? Well her birthday was 4th of July, so I had to return the favor somehow. She loves the movie Brave, and I knew when I saw the movie that I wanted to embroider that crazy hair. Perfect, right?

It’s pretty small, it actually fits almost perfectly in your hand, so I couldn’t give the face any detail. The hair was so fun to do, though! I mixed together about three different oranges, and two different reds. I was also lucky enough to have the perfect little green flexi-hoop laying around.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be back for real, and then later this week you’ll get a sneak peek to our new place!


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