DIY: Embroidered Ring

I have another piece of embroidered jewelry to share today, and this time it is a ring! I haven’t made any rings yet, so I’m pretty stoked about it.

 This was so easy to make. Earlier this year I made a tutorial on how to make embroidered necklaces, however this ring takes out half of the steps. I embroidered on felt versus fabric, and because of this I was able to eliminate the use of cardboard. Normally the fabric isn’t thick enough to just glue right onto the bezel, however with felt that is not an issue. So if you are interested in making one, you can follow these steps making the said adjustments.

  You can pick up the empty bezels (both ring and pendants) at any craft store, I think I got these ones at either Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. Hobby Lobby is always a bit cheaper though!


Now hopefully I can remember to take it off when I wash my hands…


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One response to “DIY: Embroidered Ring

  1. hernameisfrank

    Looks awesome! I would buy that at a store any day!

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