Sloth Brooch

For those of you who don’t know, I pretty much love sloths. They’re by far my favorite animal. A few months back Bryan made a sloth stamp, and last night I decided to put it to use. I made a few different sloth brooches, I think they turned out pretty awesome… but I’m biased because of the whole sloth thing.
So some of them the print is hard to make out in the photo…it is a sloth with it’s limbs wrapped around a tree.

 I used fabric paint for the stamp, and printed on just plain cotton fabrics. I then sewed it to a larger piece of felt, and then sewed that to a larger piece of felt.

  (this one is my favorite…the print turned out the best, the purple fabric definitely took the paint better than the red)

Now what to do with all of these little sloths?!


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Filed under Felt, jewelry, Sewing

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