Happy Birthday, Too Crewel!

I honestly cannot believe it has already been a year since Too Crewel was thought up! I feel so lucky that things fell into place the way that they did.

Before I officially started Too Crewel I had a personal blog titled “Create, Explore, Breathe.” I wrote about everyday experiences, coping with family health problems, what I wanted to do with my life, and 30 day challenges I gave myself. This all helped me decide to just go for what I want. I had always collected embroidery and creweling projects I found thrifting, and would say “I wish I could do that.” So, I decided to retire the good ole’ personal blog, and teach myself to embroider. If there is anything that starting Too Crewel taught me, it is to not listen to other peoples doubts or criticims, because when you really work towards something you’re passionate about, the end result is the most blissful feeling ever.

Now that I have one year of blogging and creating under my belt, I’m working on some new things to share!

  • First, I want to create a FAQ page. That means I need your help! Feel free to ask whatever questions you want, about Too Crewel, blogging, personal, whatever! You can either leave them in a comment, or shoot me an email (toocrewel@gmail.com).
  • I also what to make a How-To Embroider page. I’ve had this idea before, but never did too much about it. Now, however I really want to do this! So, if you have questions on stitches, techniques, how to embroider in general, ect. be sure to let me know these questions as well!

Thank you all so much for reading, and supporting me in my first year! To show my thanks I’m off 45% off in the shop! Just use the code YEARONE45 at checkout.



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2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Too Crewel!

  1. Congratulations on the first year! =) I have a question..what technique is creweling itself? I’ve never heard of it before..and I do know a bit about embroidery and needle work.

    • Great question! Crewel is a form of embroidery usually done with wool (two-ply worsted) and is done on linen. The stitches are almost always filled in so you’re seeing solid blocks of color rather than just an outline. Many of the basic crewel stitches are ones that are used in embroidery…straight stitch, seed stitch, back stitch, split stitch, stem stitch, chain stitch, blanket stitch. Then there are the stitches that are used for more of “filling”… satin stitch, overcast stitch, eyelet hole stitch, spiderweb stitch, french knot, cross stitch french knot, and square filling stitch.

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