DIY: Typography Wall Art

Lately on Pinterest I have been seeing a lot of DIY typography wall art. I decided to try my hand at it. Bryan and I took a trip to Salvation Army where I picked up this huge print…
So I gathered some supplies, and got to work.

 One of my favorite quotes is  “With our love, we could save the world.” by George Harrison. In the past I made an embroidery of it, however I ended up selling that piece so I wanted something I could keep.

My first step was to prime and paint the frame, for which I chose gold.
After my base coat was dry, I stuck on vinyl stickers of the letters I needed, and painted the frame.

Then I painted over the entire print.

Then the final step…peeling off the stickers.

If you are going to make one of your own, learn from my mistakes…make sure your paint is thinned down enough (mine wasn’t), and if you’re going to make one as big as mine, spend the extra money and buy a bigger size of vinyl stickers. I wish mine were bigger.


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2 responses to “DIY: Typography Wall Art

  1. I love it! Did the sticky letters peel off any of the picture? It doesn’t look like it….Really great!

    • It peeled off a little bit here and there, I think it was inevitable because the print I used was done on cardboard. If you were to do an old painting on canvas, I don’t think any of the paint would peel off.

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