Meet The Sponsors: An Astrid Endeavor (and a Giveaway!)

It is time to meet another one of my lovely sponsors! Her name is Astrid, and she runs one of my favorite etsy shops ever called An Astrid Endeavor. Her shop is filled with embroidered adornments, and they are seriously so great! I was able to have a little Q&A with Astrid, her is what she had to say…

What/who sparked your interested in embroidery? 
“I come from a family of crafters and artists on my moms side. When I was a kid I was surrounded by all types of artistic mediums- which is why, to this day, I love all things crafty and love to embark on all artistic endeavors. During the summer, my mom would basically create her own version of craft summer day camp, and this is when I remember learning about embroidery, specifically cross stitch. However, my mom just sent me my very first embroidery project that she claims I did at age 3, complete with giant needle and all! 
I’ve always made jewelry, but I’ve just started using embroidery as the main medium because I haven’t had access to tools and machines that allow me to work with metals and glass. I call embroidery the “quiet art” since it’s something I can do while my little one is asleep at night. It’s also something I can bring on the go- to work, the playground etc….”
What is your favorite type of embroidered piece to make?
“Embroidery is so meditative- requiring focus and attention. I love the way the needle sounds and feels when it punctures the fabric. I love the way the colors reflect the light in various ways. I love exploring how to mix different colors and shapes. Right now, my favorite things to make are geometric necklaces. But I do love making brooches and have found it so fun to create this new accessory- I love to wear them on my sweaters, put them on bags- even my Converse chucks!!”
Do you have a favorite color palette?
“Bright colors are so hot right now- neons- so cool! I have to be careful though, because I would make everything in hot pink and mint green if I could. I just love those two colors together right now!”
Where do you draw inspiration?
“My undergraduate degree is in Cultural and Medical Anthropology as well as art and I got my Masters in Counseling Psychology and Expressive Arts. So, I am constantly inspired by people- how they feel and what makes them “tick” but also how they express that through art and ornamentation.”
Anything else to share?
“Just a big THANK YOU for taking the time to come check out my shop and for all your support and encouragement!”
To show her thanks, Astrid is offering a 10% off to all of Too Crewel’s readers to her shop, just enter the code BLOGLOVE10 at check out! And that’s not all…she’s also hosting a giveaway!
What do you win, you ask? Astrid is giving away one of her embroidered brooches!

Here is how to enter:

  • Like An Astrid Endeavor on Facebook (1 Entry)
  • Like Too Crewel on Facebook (1 Entry)
  • Add An Astrid Endeavor to your circle on Etsy (1 Entry)
  • Add Too Crewel to your circle on Etsy (1 Entry)
  • Follow this blog (1 Entry)
  • Tweet about this giveaway (include @toocrewel in tweet) (1 Entry)
  • Comment saying what you’d put this cute little brooch on (1 Entry)

That is seven ways to enter! Please do a separate comment for each entry (I don’t want to miss any of your entries!), and be sure to include your email so I can contact you if you won!

This giveaway ends on May 28th
(now closed!) 



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14 responses to “Meet The Sponsors: An Astrid Endeavor (and a Giveaway!)

  1. I would wear it on any of the nine thousand cardigans I own. Too cute!

  2. So sweet! I’d wear this heart over my heart on whatever layer de jour. Love it Astrid!

  3. Elyse

    I would pin it on my straw hat! I love hearts! Great feature!

  4. Sue

    Beautiful heart! What an interesting background you have Astrid. Great interview. It makes me realize again how important it is to expose young people to all sorts of things. You never know the legacy you are giving them.

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  6. I love reading interviews with Astrid! This makes her beautiful jewelery more and more special!

  7. J. Gunnerson

    I “liked” An Astrid Endeavor on Facebook! 🙂

    • Thanks for entering, lady! However, this giveaway actually ended yesterday, but you can still use her code to get a discount in the shop! 🙂

  8. J. Gunnerson

    I would pin this lovely brooch to my plain denim purse, ’cause it needs a little love and sprucing up 😉

  9. Hello! I love the colors of that broach. Heres my comment for the facebook like 🙂 ~Anne

  10. Hello! Loving the giveaway! Heres my comment for the tweet 🙂 ~Anne

  11. Hello! I love the colors of that broach. Heres my comment for the etsy favorite 🙂 ~Anne

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