Cute & Simple Bracelet DIY

The other day when I was at Hobby Lobby they had chains on sale for eighty nine cents. Yes, eighty nine cents! I initially thought they were long enough to be used for a necklace, but but they ended up being bracelets. So, I decided to add a little bit of color to them.

What you need:

  • ¬†Scissors
  • Floss, or yarn
  • Needle
  • Chain

Once you have everything you need, the rest is nothing. So, here is what you do:

  1. Cut whatever colors of floss/yarn you would like to use about two inches longer then the length of the bracelet.
  2. Using one thread at a time knot the end of the floss/yarn to the little connector at the base of the clasp.
  3. Thread your needle and start “sewing” through the chains (going down through one link, then up through the other).
  4. Tie a knot on the last chain, trim the tail left over, and repeat with your next color.

You can always change out the colors to, depending on what you’re wearing.


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