Things to Do with Embroidery Hoops: Earring Holder

Awhile back I did a post of things to do with embroidery hoops via Pinterest. It got me thinking, and I decided wanted to make something in an embroidery hoop that had an actual use. I decided on an earring holder, I have a jewelry box but it is irritating to dig through it trying to find a pair to wear. I like the idea of having the earrings I wear the most out, so I can just easily grab them.

I decided to do with on a piece of blue felt (I bought a yard of this at Hobby Lobby and have been finding myself using it for everything), with various other colors of felt.

Wanna make one for yourself? It’s almost too easy.
“Pick a pair,”  all you do is put your fabric into the hoop, and sew on whatever designs you want. I went with a triangle pattern and a little bit of embroidery.
When I was finished with the front side, I sewed the back extra fabric to hold it tight. That’s it! It was the easiest project, but I love the way it turned out. It even looks nice on the wall without the earrings on it.



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2 responses to “Things to Do with Embroidery Hoops: Earring Holder

  1. Great idea! My current earring tree is really hard to use, for some reason, so I’d love to have this instead. I’m going to pin it on Pinterest!

  2. This is probably my favorite!!!!! want want want.

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