Bobby Hill Embroidery

About a month ago I made a King of the Hill embroidery, and I realized it is missing one of my favorite characters…Bobby Hill. So, I made an embroidery of Bobby all hyped up on coffee.

    I did the embroidery on a light weight linen, cut it out and stitched it to a piece of felt. It is hanging in a 6 inch embroidery hoop.

Cartoon characters are my new favorite thing to embroider.  I’m thinking next will be the cast of Adventure Time…or Daria. Who would you like to see embroidered?



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5 responses to “Bobby Hill Embroidery

  1. Meg McG

    I should make something like that for my house. My husband and sons and I all like Futurama. Maybe bender will grace our walls.

  2. Katie G.

    Just looking at this amazing piece of embroidery is making me crave a fruit pie. I love your work!

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