Feather Embroidery

I found a new favorite thing to embroider…feathers.

 Yesterday before I went to work I decided I wanted to make an embroidery in one of my tiny hoops. I ended up really loving the way that the feather looked, so I decided to make another one and call it a set.

 I used a chain stitch for the end of the stem, then went into a split stitch. For the feather part I just used a single stitch.  



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6 responses to “Feather Embroidery

  1. Is that variegated thread, or did you change colors? These are so pretty!

  2. These are beautiful! Feathers are lovely anyway, but I really love the colors you’ve chosen and the texture of your stitches!

  3. i love these so much!!
    someday i will learn to make such pretty things….somday

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